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Public Health Concern

Diseases outbreaks occur when the following three components are present and interact:

  • Pathogens 
    Capable of multiplying in hundreds of millions and Present everywhere anytime, creates an imminent threat to Humans and animals alike.
  • Weakened Immunity
    Humans, Animals and Plants immune systems are among the most complex and we reveal no secret when saying that it gets directly affected by quality of diet, exercise activity level outdoor activity, sun exposure and Hygiene
  • Low Quality Environments 
    Facts like humidity, darkness, low hygiene levels are the main characters of a compromised environment. 


These factors combined will massively contribute to the outbreak; as Pathogens are encountered everyday everywhere, the status of the immune system of the host and the quality of the surrounding environment at a specific point of time will particularly impact rapidness of the outbreak and mortality ratio.

Disruptive Science

CIDE is making waves as a bold and disruptive technology, challenging the status quo of an extremely matured and competitive industry.

Embracing Innovation, CIDE provides an unparalleled Solution, topped with a Biosecurity Technology that is second to none, giving it an edge when long term protection is needed.

CIDE instantly eliminates microorganisms Physically, Biologically and Chemically; Obliterating Resistance Mutations.

CIDE proved utmost efficacy eliminating both Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria as well as Enveloped and Non-Enveloped Viruses, Fungi and Algae; with both Lipophilic and Hydrophilic Groups CIDE has the perfect orientation to the interphases. 

CIDE Proven Prolonged Protection was scientifically established;
giving it an edge when long term protection is needed.

Products Range

Caters to the Biosecurity needs of more than 20 categories for of which: Personal Care, Healthcare, Public Health, Aviation, Transport, Food Industries, Fruits and Vegetables, Livestock, Poultry, Swine, Pets, Falconry, Equine, 
Agriculture, Turf, Floriculture, Aquaculture, Paper, Pulp and Packing, Water Treatment, Petroleum etc.